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Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Durability for Marine Civil Engineering (GDDCE) Shenzhen Durability Centre for Civil Engineering Chinese-Netherlands joint laboratory in Civil Engineering

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The key laboratory management body for three years. The establishment of academic committee (the current chairman Zhou Fulin academicians), academic committee meeting held once a year to consider and consult major research strategies and academic issues. Laboratory decision-making committee (this year, Professor Xing Feng, director; Professor Sui Lili and Professor Han Ning Xu, deputy director) responsible for the validation laboratory rules and regulations, personnel, finance and research major issues. Laboratory executive committee under the leadership of the academic committee and the decision-making committee (Professor Li Da-wang, director of this laboratory, Ph.D. Wuhan University of Technology), with an executive deputy director (associate professor Long Wujian, Canadian Sherbrooke University doctoral) overall Management and organization and implementation of laboratory research and administrative affairs. There are three platforms under the laboratory: the research platform (different research teams) and the public platform (5 public service centers) are composed of Prof. Dong Biqin, vice director of the laboratory (Ph.D. from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, materials) and Associate Professor Zhou Yingwu Dalian University of Technology doctor, structure) is responsible for day-to-day management; administrative platform (three administrative offices) by laboratory assistant director Luo Qiling (senior engineer) is responsible for day-to-day management. In addition, Professor Wang Weilun, deputy director of the laboratory (Ph.D., Northeastern University, Japan) is responsible for horizontal project contact.

Key Laboratory Academic Committee

The key laboratories set up academic committees, hold academic committee meetings once a year, and review and consult major research strategies and academic issues. The first session of the second academic committee was held on November 22, 2015. The academic committee chair is Academician Zhou Fulin.

Key Laboratory Decision Committee

Laboratory decision-making committee responsible for the validation laboratory rules and regulations, personnel, financial and research major issues. The current policy committee consists of Professor Xing Feng as director, Professor Sui Lili and Professor Han Ningxu as deputy directors. Members of the committee include Professor Li Dawang, Associate Professor Long Wujian, Professor Kou Shicong, Professor Ding Zhu, Professor Wang Weilun, Professor Dong Biqin, Professor Zhou Yingwu, Luo Qiling senior engineer (and secretary).