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Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Durability for Marine Civil Engineering (GDDCE) Shenzhen Durability Centre for Civil Engineering Chinese-Netherlands joint laboratory in Civil Engineering

About Us

Key Laboratory of Coastal Civil Engineering Durability of Guangdong Province Provincial Key Laboratory approved by Guangdong Science and Technology Department in 2011 and completed in 2015. Its predecessor was approved by the Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology in 2004 to establish the Shenzhen Municipal Civil Engineering Durability Key Laboratory. Laboratory to Shenzhen University as the backing unit, by the provincial and municipal government investment equipment, Shenzhen University to provide scientific research personnel. Laboratory under the three platforms: research platform, public platform and administrative platform. Currently there are 46 fixed scientific researchers, including 17 professors, 15 associate professors, 43 PhDs and 28 overseas study experience for more than one year. At the same time hired well-known domestic and foreign scholars composed of 10 visiting professor team. The laboratory has 5 postdoctoral researchers, 8 co-culture doctors, 10 experimental technicians and administrative staffs.

The laboratory research team paid special attention to the structural durability of coastal civil engineering earlier in China. Under the guidance of Academician Chen Zhaoyuan and Academician Zhou Fulin, both academic committees, Prof. Xing Feng is the chief academic leader and Professor Han Ningxu is the general manager. Academic adviser and chief academic. Through 10 national major projects such as National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation, National 973 Program, major international scientific and technological cooperation, key state fund projects and key national and provincial joint fund projects, and 70 national natural science funds 50 provincial and municipal research projects of strong support, the formation and expansion of civil engineering life (re) design theory framework based on the overall research strategy and technical route (first established in 2004, expanded in 2010), a comprehensive resource Use and sustainable new materials as a driving force point, continue to improve the reliability of coastal concrete infrastructure analysis, degradation of identification and control of the basic methods of performance degradation in coastal concrete structures, control theory and engineering applications have made innovative research results .

Over the past 5 years, the laboratory has presided over more than 90 longitudinal research projects and 16 horizontal research projects, with research funding reaching more than 50 million yuan and annual average funding above 10 million yuan. More than 576 academic papers have been published in well-known periodicals and conferences at home and abroad , Was collected by the three major search 344, of which 132 were included in the SCI, in JCR cell more than 2 periodicals published more than 40 academic papers; published eight academic books; editor of local technical specifications 1, country, industry technical specifications And standards 6; has been granted 40 invention patents (including 5 international patents); won the 2014 National Technology Invention Award two prize 1, 2013 Ministry of Education Technology Invention Award 1, in 2014 the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology 1 First Prize in Progress, 2 Second Prizes in Science and Technology Progress of the Ministry of Education and Guangdong Province, and more than 10 other provincial and municipal scientific research awards. The main research results are widely applied in the major projects of Yu and Guangdong Province (Yantian Port , Western Corridor, Shenzhen Airport, Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station, Shugang Road in the Port Area of Shenzhen Port, Eastern Passage, etc.). It is also an example of the sustainable and life-long economy of concrete infrastructure construction in Guangdong Province A strong support.

At present, the laboratories have cooperated with the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, The University of Missouri, the University of Plymouth in the United Kingdom, Japan), Hokkaido University, The University of Tokyo, The Missouri University of Science and Technology, Tohoku University, Japan Nagoya Institute of Technology Technology) and other signed a joint research and joint training of graduate students agreement. In the recent 5 years, more than 90 famous scholars from home and abroad were invited to hold more than 80 academic lectures and forums in the laboratory. At the same time, the laboratory also sent 15 people to Sweden, Britain, Italy, Japan, Australia, the United States and Hong Kong for short-term (2 months to one year) study visits. Based on the improvement of laboratories in the field of civil engineering durability research both at home and abroad, it has successfully hosted and contracted three high-level international academic forums in the recent 5 years. In order to promote the technological progress in the coastal civil engineering field, Development strength laid a solid foundation.